The prime objective of the Company is to create shareholder value through participation in the discovery and development of world-class base metal and precious metal deposits. The Company seeks to attain early cash flow through the acquisition or discovery of high quality mineral deposits within well-endowed mineral districts.

The Board is of the view that the Company is best placed to achieve these objectives by:

  • focusing exploration on world-class mineral provinces with proven endowment,
  • applying advanced exploration techniques and concepts to re-evaluate regions of strong mineral endowment for new deposits.

To support achievement of these objectives the Company will:

  • endeavour to recruit and retain high calibre personnel,
  • adopt a high quality, systematic approach using advanced techniques and concepts to advance its own or joint venture exploration and target / project generation,
  • seek to maximise in-ground expenditure as a proportion of the total budget, and
  • recognise and value the interests of all key stakeholders that do business with the Company.